One Year Kids Curriculum for Pre-K

$ 199.00

 A new kid's ministry curriculum for Pre-K is designed to change the conversation families in your church are having in the car ride home, around the dinner table, and throughout the week.




  • Individual Leader Guides for Early Childhood (2 years old through K)
  • Scripts for Live Teachings
  • Classroom Guides
  • Printable Activities
  • Game Instructions
  • Memory Verse Activities


Video Teachings

  • Each lesson comes with video teaching for early childhood (2 years old - K)

Music / Worship

  • Videos for Each Series
  • Lyric Sheets
  • MP3 Files
  • Tracks


  • Weekly Parent Emails
  • Series Bookmarks
  • Family Devotionals


  • HD Title Slides
  • Social Media Posts
  • Classroom Posters
  • Weekly Social Posts
  • Web Banner
  • Motion Graphics / Bumper Video


Building Blocks - A 5-week series on the foundations of faith.
When you make Jesus the Leader of your life, you’re transformed into a new person. The old life is gone, and a new life has begun. Yet you still have so many questions like Who is God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit? What does it mean to have a new life? Throughout this series, we will be answering those questions and helping you lay the foundation of your faith.

Who We’re Meant To Be: A 3-week series on our identity as children of God. 
As Followers of Jesus, we are more than just members of the same organization. We are members of the same family! That is who we are meant to be.

Connect: A 4-week series on faith and works. 
We all want vibrant and thriving relationships. What about our relationship with God? How does that happen? It starts by connecting with God. In this series, we’ll focus on how daily prayer, Bible study, and obedience lead to living in a thriving relationship with God.

Mountain Movers: A 4-week series on putting faith into practice.
Does faith seem complicated or is it that we make it complicated by overthinking it? Faith is simply trusting God enough to do what He says. That may be simple, but it’s not easy! In this series, we’ll walk through several actions God says we need to put into practice as we live out our faith in Him.

Victory: A 5-week series on victory and the supernatural.
No matter what we are facing here on Earth, Jesus has already won the battle and given us victory. We can’t have victory on our own. We must live in the victory of God every day through His Spirit. We have victory over Satan because of Jesus’s death on the cross.

Motivated: A 9-week series on the Fruit of the Spirit.
We are motivated by a lot of things in life, but are we allowing the right things to motivate us? In this series, we want to help others be motivated to live by the Spirit and know how to apply them and grow in them daily.

Are We There Yet?: A 5-week series on character. 
In this series, you’ll learn how to aim high and trust in God focusing on His character and what He has for us. The journey is not finished until we see Jesus face to face. We will face challenges, unforgiveness, we will have to persevere, live in honesty and integrity.

New Perspective: A 4-week series on God’s will. 
As new creations, we have new perspectives on God’s will, being a disciple, living a responsible life, and giving to God. A new perspective for those who are far from God is to trust God – that’s where it starts.

Next Level Relationships: A 5-week series on relationships. 
Everyone has relationships. No one wants bad or unhealthy relationships. We want to help people to know how to have God-honoring and healthy relationships. At the end of the series, people will know how to live in healthy relationships from God’s perspective and take them to the next level.

Make An Impact: A 3-week series on discipleship and evangelism. 
We all want to make an impact or impression on the people around us. We want to make every day count and be a part of something bigger. If we align our priorities and attitude with those of Jesus, we can make the greatest impact in the Kingdom of God.

Looking Forward: A 2-week series on our future. 
We have to live today like Hebrews 13:15-16 and look forward to the hope and future that Jesus brings us. Our eternal lives started when we accept Jesus in our heart. It starts now. We need to understand that we do have a future with Jesus and it's permanent.

Good News!: A 4-week series on successful living through Christmas. 
There is great news that brings great joy! And the gospel is the Good news. We experience great joy when we: live as the masterpiece God has created us to be, work for the Lord, and live as a disciple and grow to be more like Him.

What’s Included with each series?

  • Series artwork for promotional purposes
  • Lessons in PDF format - just print and go!
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative, relevant teachings
  • Memory verses
  • Video teachings
  • Scripts for live teachings
  • Classroom guides
  • Printable activities
  • Game instructions
  • Take-home student papers
  • Midweek guides
  • Small group questions
  • Weekly parent emails
  • Weekly devotionals