Choices: New 4-Week Series

$ 39.00

A new 4-week youth ministry series about making the right choices everyday.

This series explores the 35,000 choices we make everyday and how those decisions affect our relationship with God. Each week we take a look at a different character in the Bible, how they chose God regardless of their circumstances, and how we can do the same in our lives.

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This series is one of many in the One Year Youth Curriculum, Volume 4, which is a comprehensive and intentional year long teaching curriculum for youth ministry. Save 78% on one year of teaching series.

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Series Overview

Week 1: Choose to Serve
Bible:  Joshua 24:14-15
Bottom Line: The choices that we make determine whether we will serve God or something else.\

Week 2: Choose to be Pure 
Bible:  Daniel 1
Bottom Line:  Students can live a life of transformation by staying close to God’s word and refusing to conform to the ways of the culture.

Week 3: Choose to Speak Up
Bible:  The Book of Esther; Esther 4:13-14
Bottom Line:  God puts us in positions of influence in order to do His will.

Lesson 4: Choose to be Grateful
Bible:  Luke 17:11-19
Bottom Line:  Being grateful is not just a feeling but a choice that comes from understanding what God has done for us.

What’s Included?

  • Series artwork for promotional purposes (cover slide and blank text slide)
  • Social media graphics
  • Lessons come in both Word & PDF format. Edit as needed and easily share with volunteers.
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative, relevant teachings
  • Engaging small group discussion questions