Finger Launchers - 100 Pack

$ 199.00

Finger Launchers - 100 Pack is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Finger Launchers are 9″ long by 1″ diameter foam projectiles that have 3 formed fins and shoot like a rubber band. Slip your finger through the ring, pull back on the soft foam rocket, release and watch it fly! They’re lightweight, safe, durable and long-lasting – they’re a great investment for your youth or children's ministry. Add finger launchers to an upcoming event for instant fun.


1. Our finger launchers are the best.
Sure, you can find cheap finger launchers on Amazon or other places online. But the fins at the bottom of those are seriously flimsy and aren’t durable at all. In fact, they’ll fall apart real quick AND they won’t fly nearly as far. Our finger launchers are durable and fly up to 100 feet. They’re built to handle the abuse that is sure to come from a youth group!

2. Get a free game pack.
In In addition to your finger launcher order, you get a game pack included with your purchase. The game pack includes some great ideas of how your group can have fun with finger launchers.

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