Following Jesus 2.0: 8-Week Series

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This 8-week series challenges students to take the adventure of following Jesus.

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Following Jesus Overview

Lesson 1: Go…Make Disciples…Baptize…Teach
Bible: John 20:30-31; Matthew 28:18-20; Deuteronomy 6:4-7
Bottom Line: Read the Bible to know and follow Jesus.
Question: Are you ready for the adventure of obeying Jesus command?

Lesson 2: Introductions
Bible: John 1:29-42; Leviticus 14; Acts 2:14-41
Bottom Line: Decide to follow Jesus and then help others to do so.
Question: Are you ready to follow Jesus? Who can you introduce to Jesus? 

Lesson 3: From Fans to Followers 
Bible: Luke 5:1-11 
Bottom Line: Expect the unexpected with Jesus. 
Question: What will you leave behind to follow Jesus? 

Lesson 4: The Anointed One
Bible: Matthew 16:13-18
Bottom Line: Jesus is the Anointed One.
Question: Who do you say Jesus is? 

Lesson 5: Receive and Give Forgiveness
Bible: John 21
Bottom Line: Jesus offers forgiveness.
Questions: Will you accept His gift? Are you offering it to others?

Lesson 6:  Following Jesus - No matter what
Bible: Acts 6-7
Bottom Line: Some people, like Stephen, end up dying because they follow Jesus. 
Big Question: Will you pray for modern day Stephens? Do you have the courage to be like him? 

Lesson 7: God Loves…Those People?!
Bible: Acts 10:24-48
Bottom Line: God works beyond our comfort zones to spread His good news to all people. 
Question: God loves all people...and offers grace. What about you?

Lesson 8: Prison, Death, Prayer and…
Bible: Acts 12
Bottom Line: Following Jesus can mean being thrown in prison or even being killed. 
Question: Are you committed to Jesus and His church?

What You Get

  • A total of 8 weeks of lessons (Word & PDF)
  • Series artwork for making your own slides
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative teachings
  • Small group activities
  • Engaging discussion questions