New Release Bundle: Christmas, Slow Down & Choices

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This bundle includes our 3 newest youth group series.

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CHRISTMAS: A 4-week Christmas series.

SLOW DOWN: A 4-week series helping students learn how to develop the discipline of slowing down.

CHOICES: A 4-week series about making the right choices every day.

See below for an overview of each series.

What's Included in each series?

  • A total of 4 weeks of lessons (Word & PDF)
  • Customize each lesson to make it fit your own group
  • Series artwork and blank text sides to make your own slides
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative teachings
  • Engaging discussion questions

Christmas Series Overview

    Week One: Pondering in your heart
    Bible: Luke1:65-66; 2:15-20; 2:46-52
    Bottom Line: Throughout the life of Christ, the people that come in contact with His story hold the treasure of the story in their hearts.

    Week Two: Gifts
    Bible: Matthew 2:1-2, 9-1; John 12:3
    Bottom Line: Throughout the life of Jesus, people brought gifts to Him as a way of showing their love and commitment to who He was. 

    Week Three: Family
    Bible: Luke 1:41-45; Matthew 3:11; Eph. 1:5
    Bottom Line: Family played any important role in the life and ministry of Christ and because of His sacrifice on our behalf, we are invited to be part of His family for eternity.

    Week Four: Peace
    Bible: Luke 2:8-14; Mark 4:39; Psalm 23; John 14
    Bottom Line: The final action of Christ’s work is to bring peace to a world that is in a state of brokenness. 

    Slow Down Series Overview

    Today’s youth are busier than any other generation before them. Gone are the days of leisurely summer afternoons and playing in the yard until the streetlights come on. In the hustle and bustle of their over-scheduled lives, students need to learn to SLOW DOWN. It is important for not only their physical and mental health, but also their spiritual health.

    Week 1: Time to Unplug
    Teens are attached to their phones like Luke Skywalker is attached to his robotic hand. And while these devices can be incredibly helpful, it is important for teens to take a break every now and then. This lesson gives students good reasons to unplug, as well as practical ways that they can slow down and unplug for awhile.

    Week 2: The Source of our Rest
    True rest is more than just a Sunday afternoon nap or vegging out in front of the TV. Students need to look to God to be the source of rest rather than their pillows or their electronic devices. Based on Psalm 23, this lesson helps students understand that they can find rest - true rest - in the arms of the Good Shepherd. 

    Week 3: The Discipline of Rest
    God did not create us to run full-throttle 24 hours a day. In fact, God himself took a day to rest. And just like any other activity, teens need to discipline themselves to slow down and practice the art of rest. Using a variety of Old and New Testament scriptures, this lesson teaches students how to practice this very necessary skill.

    Week 4: Following Jesus’ Example
    Even though Jesus was fully God, he was also fully human. As a human, he got too tired and too busy at times, and sometimes Jesus needed a break from it all. Many times throughout the Gospels, we read stories of Jesus sneaking off to spend an evening alone in prayer. This lesson encourages students to learn from Jesus’ example by slowing down and getting away for much-needed prayer and rest.

    Choices Series Overview

    This series explores the 35,000 choices that students make everyday and how those decisions affect a person's relationship with God. Each week will take a look at a different character in the Bible, how they chose God regardless of their circumstances, and also how we can do the same thing in our lives.

    Week 1: Choose to Serve
    Bible:  Joshua 24:14-15
    Bottom Line: The choices that we make determine whether we will serve God or the gods of this world. 

    Week 2: Choose to be Pure
    Bible:  Daniel 1
    Bottom Line:  Students can live a life of transformation by staying close to God’s word and refusing to conform to the ways of the culture.

    Week 3: Choose to Speak Up
    Bible:  The Book of Esther; Esther 4:13-14
    Bottom Line:  God puts us in positions in order to use us to do His will.

    Lesson 4: Choose to be Grateful
    Bible:  Luke 17:11-19
    Bottom Line:  Being grateful is not just a feeling but a choice that comes from understanding what God has done for us.