Exodus - Part 1: 4-Week Bible Study

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This 4-week Bible study focuses on the book of Exodus – the story of the Israelites’ freedom from slavery in Egypt.

See Exodus - Part 2 for the companion Bible study in this series. 

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One Year Bible Study Curriculum, Volume 2

This Bible study is one of many included in the One Year Bible Study Curriculum, Volume 2. Save 78% on one year of small group Bible studies for youth ministry.

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Series Overview

Lesson 1: Moses’ Beginnings 
Bible: Exodus 1-4 
Bottom Line: When we feel like strangers, God calls us family. 
Topics: Feeling lost and disconnected, new season and new purpose 

Lesson 2: Moses’ Plead with Pharaoh 
Bible: Exodus 5-7:13 
Bottom Line: Even when you have no idea, God has a plan.  
Topics: Doubt, Uncertainty, God’s Plan, Obedience, Trust, and Faith.  

Lesson 3: Moses and the Plagues 
Bible: Exodus 7:14-14 
Bottom Line: God is bigger than our enemies. 
Topics: Trials, doubt, faith, deliverance, God’s sovereignty, and God’s plan.

Lesson 4: Moses and Israel Journey Through the Wilderness 
Bible: Exodus 15-20 
Bottom Line: God’s plan for you will take you on an incredible journey.  
Topics: Gratitude, Trust, Obedience, Faith, Hope, God’s Plan, Doubt, Fear and Worry.

See Exodus - Part 2 for the companion Bible study in this series. 

What’s Included?

  • Series artwork for promotional purposes (cover slide and blank text slide)
  • Lessons in both Word & PDF format – edit as needed and easily share with volunteers
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative, relevant teachings
  • Engaging small group discussion questions


50% Teaching & 50% Discussion

All our small group Bible studies are discussion based. Each lesson is 50% reading the Bible/teaching and 50% student discussion. They’re not 90% teaching and 10% discussion, like our other youth ministry series and small group studies you’ll find elsewhere.

The goal is for students to talk about the Bible, what it means to follow Jesus, their questions & doubts, what God is doing in their lives, and so on. This format encourages group interaction, personal application, and keeps students engaged. Getting students talking about their faith is the secret sauce to a small group, and all our series are formatted with that goal in mind.

The format is simple, but effective:

  • Read a passage of Scripture.
  • Make a point that students will remember.
  • Ask questions and discuss it.
  • Repeat 3-4 times per lesson.


Biblically Rooted
The Bible, like the roots of a tree, brings life, nourishment and stability to your students’ lives. Scripture deepens their relationship with God, gives them the wisdom to make good decisions, brings clarity to the problems they face, and so much more. In each small group series, students dive deep into a book of the Bible, which will firmly root them in God’s Word and provide a foundation to build their lives upon.

God-Centered Relationships

These small group series provide students an opportunity to develop God-centered relationships with others. As we read throughout the New Testament, discipleship happens in the context of relationships. The goal is to create an environment where students: know others and are known; accept others and are accepted; love others and are loved; and pray for others and are prayed for. We’re intentional about helping them grow in their relationship with God and others.


Small Groups
If your youth group has more than 12 students, then use our curriculum as a tool to disciple students in a small group setting.

Sunday School
Does your church have an active Sunday School program? Our curriculum is a good fit for you.

Small Churches
Does your youth ministry have less than 12 students? Our curriculum is specifically designed with you in mind.

Online or In Person Youth Group
Use our curriculum for small groups when doing online youth group or in person. Each series is flexible enough for either option.