Prayer: 4-Week Series

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A 4-week series on what Jesus taught about prayer.

This series takes a look at some things Jesus said about prayer and some things he said while praying. Our hope is that, by looking at and discussing these things, students will learn that prayer is just a simple, honest, open conversation with God.

This series, like most of our resources, is only available as a download.

One Year Youth Curriculum, Volume 3

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Series Overview:

Lesson 1: Just Be Yourself (Matthew 6:5-8)
Overview: Isn’t it kind of peculiar that God knows everything, and yet we still try to hide things from Him? In this lesson, we'll explore what Jesus has to say about being real and honest with God.

Lesson 2: Hang in There (Luke 22:40)
Overview: Faithfulness is about trust and loyalty. To stay faithful to God is to stay obedient to Him, no matter the cost. In this lesson, students will learn how to trust God and His ways over anything else, and how prayer is an important part of the process.

Lesson 3: Don’t Let Them Get to You (Matthew 5:44)
Overview: Students will learn that praying for and loving their enemies is beneficial in three ways: 1) It's good for us. 2) It's good for them. 3) God wants us to be loving.

Lesson 4: Get in the Game
Bible Verses: Luke 10:2
Overview: Students will see that God is always at work, loving people to Himself, and He invites them to be a part of it. Through prayer, they can be a part of what God is doing in the lives of others. 

What’s Included?

  • Series artwork for promotional purposes (cover slide, blank text slide and social media)
  • Lessons in both Word & PDF format – edit as needed and easily share with volunteers
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative, relevant teachings
  • Engaging small group discussion questions