Summer Bundle

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Save 77% on $424 worth of youth ministry lessons & games for summer and beyond!

All the resources in the bundle are created to be used with 6th-12th graders.

This bundle, like all our resources, is only available as a download.



Summer in the Psalms ($69 Value)A new 8-week summer series on the book of Psalms.

Summer Olympics ($35 Value): This 4-week series, just in time for the 2021 Summer Olympics, uses the "sports" and "training" metaphors of the New Testament to help students grow in the faith.

Community ($35 Value): This 4-week series explores our God-given need to live in community with others.

Lead ($35 Value): A 4-week youth ministry series that teaches teens how to be a leader.

Gone Fishing ($35 Value)A 4-week series inviting students to follow Jesus and become fishers of men (and woman).

Forgiveness ($35 Value): A 4-week series reminding students that everyone has done wrong and needs forgiveness from God, others, and themselves.

Behind the Scenes ($35 Value): A 4-week series on the life of Esther. The series explores how God was working through her life to rescue His people. Students will learn how God can work in their lives to do big things.

Final Words ($35 Value): A 4-week series on the final words of four men in the Bible and the impact they made on history: Moses, Sampson, Stephen & Jesus.

Dear Future Self ($35 Value): A 4-week series that teaches students to make good choices today that their future self will thank them for.


All the games in these packs include a Biblical lesson on various topics.

20 Messy Games ($25 Value): This pack includes 20 messy games perfect for summer. These are sticky, slimy, and muddy games for services and events when it’s okay to be messy. Each game includes a Biblical lesson.

20 Small Group Games ($25 Value)This pack includes 20 games written especially for small groups. Each game includes a Biblical lesson.

20 Indoor Games ($25 Value): This pack includes 20 games written especially for indoor use. 


EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE. After purchase, you'll be directed to the download page and get an email that includes a link to download all the resources. Feel free to share the download link with volunteers. The bundle is only available as a downloadable product.

FOR YOUTH MINISTRY. The resources included in the bundle are written for teenagers (6th-12th graders).

LESSONS AND GAMES COME IN PDF & WORD format so you can edit as needed and share with volunteers.

SERIES ARTWORK includes cover image for promotional use and blank text image for making your own presentation slides.

LESSONS include a fun opening game, creative teaching, and engaging small group discussion questions. Although the lessons aren't meant to be read word for word (we encourage you to make it your own), included is a detailed script for leaders to follow.

ALL OUR RESOURCES ARE WRITTEN BY YOUTH LEADERS like you who have a heart to see God move in the lives of students.

OUR STUFF IS TOP NOTCH. We don't just throw together an outline and sell it to you. Our writers take a lot of time and effort creating quality youth ministry resources that are jam packed with more than enough teaching material.