One Year Youth Curriculum, Volume 3

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ALL NEW 2023 RELEASES! The One Year Youth Curriculum, Volume 3 has two options to choose from: 

  • Option 1: One year of teaching curriculum 
  • Option 2: One year of teaching and small group Bible study curriculum 

Learn more about each option below!  


Save 78% on one year of NEW teaching curriculum for youth ministry.

More Details:

  • Year 3 of our Teaching Curriculum
  • A comprehensive and intentional year long curriculum for youth ministry
  • All new 2023 releases
  • Each lesson includes an opening game connected to main point, creative teaching, and small group questions.
  • Designed for 6th-12th graders
  • Only available as a download
  • All the series in volume 3 have been released


Scroll below for a list of what's available now and for future release dates.

We recommend you use the following series as detailed below. However, they're totally flexible to use whenever you want.

Use in January (Available Now)
Abide: A 4-week series helping students abide in Jesus and stay aware of His presence in their lives.

Use in February (Available Now)
Crush: A 4-week series that teaches students what healthy dating or guy-girl relationships really look like. 

Use in March (Available Now)
Identity: A 4-week series helping students understand who God says they really are. 

Use in April (Available Now)
Easter Miracles: A 4-week Easter series exploring the miraculous events around Jesus' resurrection. Students will discover Jesus' love is selfless, sacrificial, powerful, and hopeful.  

Use in May (Available Now)
Wonder: A 4-week series teaching students how to build a childlike faith and why it matters. 

Bonus - Use Anytime (Available Now)
Sharing the Good News
A new 4-week series teaching students how to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Use in June (Available Now)
Prayer: A 4-week summer series on what Jesus taught about prayer. 

Use in July (Available Now)
Film: This 4-week teaching series takes a look at stories in popular films. Students will discover how the God's truth shows up in beautiful and sometimes surprising ways.

Use in August (Available Now)
Pursuing Jesus: A 4-week back to school series about pursuing a relationship with Jesus.

Use in September (Available Now)
Forgiven: A 4-week series on the book of Hosea that teaches students forgiveness and the depth of God’s love for all of us. 

Use in October (Available Now)
Fearless: A 4-week series on relying on God when fear creeps in. 

Use in November (Available Now)
Psalms: A 4-week Thanksgiving series from the Psalms teaching students about having a grateful heart.

Use in December (Available Now)
Christmas:  Unwrap the true meaning of Christmas with our four-week series as we dive into the traditional events surrounding the birth of Jesus and explore how it impacts the lives of students today.



Save 82% on one year of Bible studies and teaching curriculum for youth ministry.

** All Teaching Series listed above are included in this Option 2 plan. In addition to the teachings, Option 2 includes the following Bible Studies.** 

Year 3 is complete. All the series are now available.



Our small group series are not your typical 90% teaching and 10% discussion—we amp up the discussion to half the total time!

The goal is for students to talk about the Bible, what it means to them to follow Jesus, what questions and doubts they feel, what God is doing in their lives. Genuine interaction and personal engagement are the secret sauce to our small groups.

Download a sample lesson from our Matthew Bible Study. Lesson: God’s Rescue Operation for the World. Bible: Matthew 5:13-16, 33-37,

The lesson format is simple, but effective: Read a passage of Scripture. Make a point that students will remember. Ask questions and discuss it. Repeat 3-4 times per lesson.

Use in January (Available Now)
Foundations: A 4-week small group Bible study on the basics of faith that are found in Romans 3:21-30.

Use in February (Available Now)
Daniel: A 4-week small group Bible study on the book of Daniel. 

Use in March (Available Now)
Jesus, Worthy of Worship: A 4-week Easter bible study on why Jesus is worthy of worship. Students will explore Jesus the creator, teacher, peacemaker, and more.

Use in April (Available Now)
The Suffering Servant: A 4-week Bible study teaching students how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies found in Isaiah 65. 

Use in May (Available Now)
Joshua: A 4-week small group Bible study on Joshua. 

Use in June (Available Now)
Fruit of the Spirit: A 4-week summer small group Bible study that looks in-depth at the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23. 

Use in August (Available Now)
Joseph: A 4-week small group Bible study on the life of Joseph.

Use in September (Available Now)
Jonah: A 4-week small group Bible study on the book of Jonah. 

Use in October (Available Now)
Jesus Is: A 4-week small group Bible study on the seven “I Am” statements from the book of John. 

Use in November or December (Available Now)
Ecclesiastes: A 4-week small group Bible study teaching students that God is better than anything our world has to offer. 

Use in January (Available Now)
Fresh Start: - A 4-week Bible study on new beginnings and transformation.